The Team

A small band of community ambassadors have assembled themselves in the heart of downtown Asheville. Their mission: Show the world that home town, community, commercial, conversational radio can be fun, affordable, accessible to everyone, entertaining and – best part – be high quality! Independent Asheville Radio is heard on TuneIN Radio and 1350 WZGM seven days a week. A number of our programs are also syndicated to other independent community radio stations (AM and FM) all across North Carolina.

Matt Mittan, Owner of Independent Asheville Radio – Host, “Right Now! with Matt Mittan” (3-6pm Mon-Fri)

matt hs2 Matt has been in Asheville’s media spotlight since the Mid-90’s. He’s worked with The Asheville Citizen-Times as a District Manager, Executive Editor for the Tribune Papers chain in NC and SC and as a columnist for The Mountain XPress. He was also Publisher of The Valley Record newspaper. Along the way, he has maintained a consistent presence as a community broadcaster in Asheville, including a run as the afternoon drive host for heritage station 570 WWNC for nearly a decade. Toward the end of 2011, Matt resigned his post with Clear Channel Communications and signed the Incorporation papers to launch this company and there began the journey that has become Independent Asheville Radio.

You can email him at

Leslie Godbold, Operations Manager – Host, “Positively Living” / Executive Producer of “Community Corner”

1350am_00019 Leslie has a background in Real Estate staging, being a Business Coach, running a Christian business networking and support association and is a rising star local broadcaster as well. For years, she ran her families multiple corporations books and operations, serving as a steady, confident and capable pillar. It’s safe to sum her up this way: She deeply cares about serving people and helping them meet their goals.

You can email her at


Ned Ryan Doyle – *Our Southern Community
(*Also heard on 540 WRGC in Sylva, 103.5 FM in Asheville, 1490 WSVM in Valdese/Hickory.)

1350wzgm1web Ned Ryan Doyle, a graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1967, has been producing and hosting the “Our Southern Community” program for over ten years, coordinated the Southern Energy & Environment Expo from 2001 until 2010, is currently co-producer of the Green Living Expo at the Asheville Civic Center, co-developing the new sustainable social media website effort “Our Sustainable Community Action Network” and speaks regularly around the region on sustainable topics for groups, colleges, events and seminars.


Tyler Garrison – *Regeneration Station Radio
(*Also heard on 1490 WSVM in Valdese, Morganton and Hickory)

tyler2Tyler is the Founder and President of Junk Recyclers Inc. , The Regeneration Station, and Green Movers. With a borrowed truck and a meager $500 of scraped together “seed money” The Regeneration Station and Junk recyclers has since blossomed into a 26,000 sq ft store and one of the fastest growing companies of its kind, helping to pave the way in the low impact junk removal, upcycling, and repurposed home goods movement. This program is the next generation of home and garden improvement radio broadcasting. Go green! Go local!


Nikki Allen – *Regeneration Station Radio
nikki pic (*Also heard on 1490 WSVM in Valdese, Morganton and Hickory)

The undisputed queen of DIY Radio in WNC! Nikki brings a perfect blend of knowledge and humor to radio listeners across the region each week as she and Tyler go over great re-purposing and up-cycling opportunities for money saving projects, as well as highlighting some of the pioneers in our regions re-purposing and up-cycling community. You can also enjoy hearing interviews with up and coming businesses that are taking innovative and fresh approaches to the way they grow, with an eye on sustainability.

Jerry McNeely – *Tie One On Radio
(*Also heard on 540 WRGC in Sylva, 1490 WSVM in Valdese/Hickory, 95.9 FM in Wilmington, 1180 AM in Wrightsville Beach and ESPN 730 in Charlotte.)

jerry As an accomplished Bluegrass musician, longtime broadcaster in NC and a renowned Fly-Fishing Guide – you’d probably not be surprised to know that Jerry is also quite the biologist… Er… Yeah. Well anyway… If you want to know everything you will need to know for fly fishing in the State of North Carolina, from week to week, you will not find a more informed, engaging or fun host on your radio dial. Jerry brings in a cast of experts from different parts of the state for field reports on recent hatches, conditions and best hints for a great trip on the water each episode.

Michelle Smith – *Our Southern Community
michelle hs

(*Also heard on 540 WRGC in Sylva, 103.5 FM in Asheville, 1490 WSVM in Valdese/Hickory.)

Michelle is one of four Independent Asheville Radio team members that migrated over from 88.7 WNCW. She is co-founder of Social Profit Strategies and the founder of Asheville Celbrant. Michelle studies at UNC-Asheville and has been a stalwart of sustainability efforts in the region for many years. She lends her insights and personality to the popular ‘Our Southern Community’ program, covering issues of the environment, energy and economics every week.

Dale Stewart – *Nature’s Edge

(*Also heard on 540 WRGC in Sylva, 1490 WSVM in Valdese/Hickory, 95.9 FM in Wilmington, 1180 AM in Wrightsville Beach.)

1350am_00022 Dale is known worldwide as a naturalist, explorer, adventurist and conservationist. He is also a published author, speaker, and educator who still seeks that next great challenge. He has devoted much of his life to exploring the planet’s remotest rivers and living with and learning from indigenous people met along the way. Dale believes the rights of indigenous people across all areas of human undertaking must be respected, advanced and their participation guaranteed in formulating decisions affecting them. He makes presentations and speaks to groups large and small about his experiences with indigenous people worldwide. Dale especially enjoys speaking with young people about indigenous cultures and their balance with nature. In fact, Dale was a recipient of the United Nations “Golden Rule Award” for his works with indigenous tribes in the Spring of 2014. His program looks to tell the stories and share the lessons that nature has to offer, as we go about our busy lives. He also brings great guests in to help guide people to safely enjoy their own adventures in nature, at all skill and experience levels.

Mike Hiers – Asheville Yoga Show
mike hiers hs Mike also came to Independent Asheville Radio by way of 88.7 WNCW. Mike has a long track record of marketing expertise in the greater Asheville area, but he’s also a long time student of Yoga. Asheville has a thriving and deep Yoga community. Each week, Mike inteviews people from the area to learn their insights as well as hear about their personal journey to get them where they are today. Asheville Yoga show is one of the only radio shows in America focusing on Yoga studies and personalities.


Paul Purdue – *Talking Antiques
paul studio (*Also heard on 540 WRGC in Sylva, and 1490 WSVM in Valdese/Hickory.)

Paul immigrated to America from Ireland and became a naturalized citizen of the United States about a decade ago. His background in antiques, as well as his work in restoring precious pieces from the past, make his an expert in the field. But it’s his ability to tell the stories behind the items that sets this show apart. Hearing this old Irishman spin yarns about the people, places and circumstances surrounding each weeks highlighted antique will have you slipping into another time.

Scott Crawford – Word of Truth Bible Class


Rev. Jeff Brooks – Susan Garland – *Glorious Son-rise
(*Also heard on 1490 WSVM in Valdese/Hickory.)


Lanny Ford, General Manager of 1350 WZGM
Hometown Radio Network




***** Some of the photos used for station promotional materials have been provided by FastCat Photography, the official photography studio of Independent Asheville Radio! ******

  1. Love it! What a bunch of rebels with a cause 🙂

  2. Finally figured out what was going on with the station; lots of changes and I like them. It was good to hear Matt’s voice on the radio recently; I was wondering what happened to him! I do miss your voice on local political issues, Matt; you were always interesting, fair, and honest to all, but I can understand the need to take a break, phew…. I really like Susan Reinhardt’s shows..I think she was the one talking super bowl with another woman and it was hysterical; they were discussing the color of the uniforms…so funny, so cute. Also, I really like Dr. Joy…always have. Now that I have a schedule I will try some of your other programing. Mostly it has been hit or miss and I seem to tune in when the music is playing (not my kind of music, sorry, but that’s ok). Best wishes to all.

    • Thanks Kathy. We’re having a lot of fun with the station. And we continue to grow and evolve. As for the music, no worries. The music will be going away pretty soon. We were using that as filler until we could fill time up with more local shows, which are coming soon. Thanks for tuning in and for the feedback. – Matt

  3. Richard Freudenberger

    So, I live in Hendersonville. What kind of signal strength can we get here?

    • 1350’s signal reach can be picked up in a good portion of Henderson County but drops off in most cars around Upward Rd. Going west, you lose us around the Transylvania County line. You can always listen to use online here on our website or with the free TuneIN app. Thanks!

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