Asheville Sunday bus service gets rolling with nine routes

(Mountain XPress) Asheville’s transit system (“ART”) now has Sunday service. Buses rolled out of the Coxe Ave. downtown station at 8 a.m. today, providing 67 hours of Sunday service on nine of the city’s 17 routes. The Sunday route is expected to increase ridership by 85,000 per year. The 2012 transit master plan initiative was the genesis of the Asheville Redefines Transit moniker. Its purpose was to increase ridership and make public transit accessible to more people in the city. “I’m happy to say today that redefining takes another step today with Sunday service,” said Julie Mayfield, chair of the city’s Transit Committee. The ART system provides 120,000 rides monthly, with Sunday service boosting the total by 7,000. Funding came from $112,000 of the general fund, approved by Asheville’s City Council in October, to match a federal one year Job Access and Reverse Commute grant. “Cost was our number one hurdle in this,” said Asheville Transit Projects Coordinator Yuri Koslen. He said since it’s a one year grant, future funding will be a challenge, but if the extra day of service is a success, funding will come.

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