Metro Wine’s “Sip and Speak” language series pairs wine and words

(Mountain XPress)  “This is about the fusion of two passions,” says French instructor and wine enthusiast Allison Weems, explaining the inspiration behind her new continuing education series, Sip and Speak. The Asheville French School founder approached Metro Wines owners Gina Trippi and John Kerr earlier this year with the idea of offering in-store classes exploring basic language skills and regional wines of France. So far, classes have been a hit, with the store’s certified specialist of wine, Andy Hale, calling the pairing “the perfect marriage.” “It’s like a virtual trip,” says Weems, describing her classes. For eight consecutive weeks, Weems covers a new region, from which Hale presents several wines. “We talk about the history of the grape itself and the history of the region,” says Weems, who bases her lesson content on Hale’s selections. According to Tippi, the lessons are a casual alternative for adults who may be intimidated by studying in a more formal classroom environment. “It’s a good, comfortable atmosphere,” she affirms. Intermediate student Gary Gress couldn’t agree more. “Parlant français avec un verre de vin est la combinaison parfaite!” he says. (Translation: “Speaking French with a glass of wine is the perfect combination!”)

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