Expired APD Radar Guns Exposed, Speeding Tickets in Asheville on Hold

(News 13 WLOS) Cases involving speeding tickets are put on hold in Asheville after a News 13 investigation reveals radar guns may were not certified for accuracy. New information uncovers problems with the department’s radar guns. News 13’s investigative reporter Mike Mason tells us the District Attorney is now investigating and city officials are demanding answers. The Chief says his Command Staff never told him about this. Mike asked the Chief, “Your Lieutenants were made aware of that on August 21st, I have the memo right here, the email.” Chief Anderson replied, “Do you see my name on that?” Mike pressed the Chief asking, “I thought your Lieutenants would report to you. Isn’t that what they do?” The Chief then acknowledged, “They do.” News 13 obtained minutes from two separate staff meetings last month showing the Chief was present when radar issues were being discussed. At one point, Byrd announced the expired ‘guns were getting re-certified’. Still, the Chief denies knowing about it. Mike asked him once again, “So you haven’t heard of that?” The Chief answered, “No, I haven’t.”

See the entire report HERE>


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  1. If you find out your citation was issued by an expired radar gun, let me know. Mike Mason – WLOS 828-458-5047 or mwmason@wlos.com

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