One month after City Council says Pack Board unfit to run facility, County Commissioners commit nearly $400K of tax payers money toward Pack Place

(Asheville Citizen Times) The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved a motion 7-0 to maintain about 96 percent of the funding it originally tabbed for Pack Place. During the 2015 budget process, the commissioners and the Culture and Recreation Authority Board approved an appropriation of $409,076 for Pack Place, and that money could only be paid to the Pack Place board. The funding includes $185,000 for utilities; nearly $181,000 for operations and maintenance to be split among three entities based on square footage, unless the partners come up with a better plan; and $3,925 per month for July and August for the Pack Place board. County manager Wanda Greene made a presentation showing that the county made a $6.9 million cash investment to Pack Place from fiscal year 1988-2008 while the city contributed $6.8 million during the same time period. Since fiscal year 2009, however, the county has given about $2.5 million while the city has given $284,000, according to the county.

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ARCHIVE: (July 19, 2014City leaders push for changes, say the nonprofit has not taking care of Pack Place’s needs since it opened 22 years ago.


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