Meet the people behind Asheville’s LaZoom bus

(Asheville Citizen-Times) Asheville owes a debt of gratitude to the mutual friend who introduced Jennifer and Jim Lauzon 14 years ago at a Bindlestiff Family Cirkus show in New Orleans, where Jim attended in costume as a cat-like creature and Jen was, coincidentally, dressed as a lion tamer.Had they not had that first arranged meeting, followed by Jim’s fervent courtship of Jen with romantic gestures like gifting her with a whole watermelon and a suitcase full of bananas while wearing a gorilla suit, it’s unlikely they would have married — in a wedding with a game-show theme in which their guests wore garments that literally lit up the shoreline of Folly Beach. Over the past eight years, the couple’s LaZoom Comedy Tours have become an icon for locals and tourists alike, as adventure-loving passengers are schooled in the history of Asheville in a high-energy, Vaudeville-esque setting framed by an ongoing stage show, peppered with zany characters such as Augusta Wind, Sister Bad Habit and Earlene Hooch popping up along the way.

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