Local Radio Gets a Facelift

Thanks for everyone’s patience as we have been re-tooling and upgrading (while also simplifying) our operations at 1350 WZGM. Hard to believe it’s already been over a year since launching Independent Asheville Radio and we’re just now starting to feel like we’re figuring things out. There’s no words that can express the gratitude that our entire team feels towards the community, for your support and encouragement and enthusiasm. We’ve started to get some interesting inquiries from other parts of the country, wanting to know more about this crazy little experiment in commercial community radio. Seems that Asheville and WNC have once again made an industry stop and take notice. Imagine that? Innovation through collaboration is what this region is all about so it’s no surprise to us that we’ve grown so quickly. It’s really not rocket science. We are listening to what you tell us and doing our best to meet those needs. That said, you have probably noticed a pretty significant change to the station website. We thought it was appropriate to go with this chalkboard theme, since we are students after all. We’re taking things back to the basics and focusing on just doing what we do the best we possibly can… and that is serving our community as broadcasters and servants.

With eternal gratitude,- Matt Mittan, General Manager – Independent Asheville Radio


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